Criminal Justice

The Gratiot-Isabella Criminal Justice CTE class is a two-year program.  The first year is titled "Basic Criminal Justice" and the second year is "Advanced Criminal Justice".  The first year covers the three branches of the criminal justice system, being the Police, Courts, and Corrections.  We touch on all three of these branches with a combination of academics, hands on practicals, guest speakers and field trips to give them work-based experience. 

Each day is separated into two parts.  The classroom (academic) and the lab or hands-on (practical) part.  The classroom is 70 minutes and the hands on is 70 minutes.  The students will be tested weekly on the chapter covered that week and a final exam is given at the end of each trimester.  

Hours of education are:

  • Class (Academic) hours = 181 (362 total)
  • Lab (Practical) hours = 181 (362 total)

(Criminal Justice is held at the GI-TEC Alma Campus).

Bob March

Bob March

Criminal Justice Instructor

(989) 463-3111

Lab hours consist of: 


  • Handgun safety
  • Proper gun belt position and use
  • Dominant eye testing
  • How to draw a handgun
  • The proper use of a flashlight
  • The proper use of a handgun
  • Handcuffing (standing and prone suspect)
  • Defensive Tactics (kicking, punching, escort holds, takedowns, pressure points)
  • Patrol rifle use
  • Latent finger print lifting
  • Cast mold impressions
  • Crime scene photographing
  • Crime scene measurement
  • Crime scene sketching (rough draft and to scale final draft)
  • Tool mark impression casting
  • Active Violence Incident (Active Shooter) Response training
  • Patrol vehicle use
  • Traffic stops
  • Felony stops
  • Patrol Rifle use in patrol car
  • Emergency equipment use (Lights & Siren) 
  • Radio communications (phonetic alphabet memorization and use)
  • Report writing
  • Presentations & speeches
  • Physical Training (P.T.) Pushups, sit-ups, running, cardio
  • Call response (scenario's applying officer safety, interviews, laws and arrest)
  • Mock trials