Career, Academic and Personal Counseling

Career, academic and personal counseling is available to Gratiot Isabella Technical Education Center students. Our counselor meets with students to interpret aptitude and interest results, discuss post-secondary options, scholarships, employment, employability skills, financial aid, and articulation. Efforts are directed toward coordinating a smooth transition from local sending schools, to CTE programs and on to entry-level employment and other post-secondary options. Our counselor communicates with instructors concerning student performance and forwards necessary referrals to sending schools. Our CTE counselor, instructors, and sending school counselors work closely to help students move toward their future career goals as well as training and employment opportunities.

Special Populations

Special Populations services provide additional support to those students who may need assistance.  Students with academic concerns are able to receive help from our basic skills advocate through individual tutoring.  They also have the opportunity to learn about resumes, job interviewing and other employment skills.  Students with economic issues may be put into contact with community service and outreach agencies for support.  Special education students also receive additional support as needed.  Paraprofessionals, working in 25% of the programs, provide another level of support which benefits all students with more individual attention.  The special populations counselor also works with students on academic, career and personal concerns in a confidential and discrete fashion.